Secrets I Believed

As a child, bright-eyed and looking for adventure in video games, I found myself relentlessly trying to uncover rumored secrets within these games. Looking back, I wonder how in the world these rumors were so widely spread. I guess with the internet being so new we believed everything we read? Or maybe we trusted ourContinue reading “Secrets I Believed”

Art of the Stream

Over the past few weeks I have realized just how important community and creativity is to me. Realizing this has caused me to feel more inspired than ever to create content for my community. This new blog, a highlight real on YouTube (something I had never created before) of my latest Twitch stream, new communityContinue reading “Art of the Stream”


There really is nothing quite like eating a bowl of Rainier cherries dipped in sugar, a childhood favorite, as you reminisce with your buddies about the things you used to enjoy as a kid. Today was full of nostalgic goodies that I think many of you will remember too. Upon waking up, I logged intoContinue reading “Nostalgia-Rama”


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