Secrets I Believed

As a child, bright-eyed and looking for adventure in video games, I found myself relentlessly trying to uncover rumored secrets within these games. Looking back, I wonder how in the world these rumors were so widely spread. I guess with the internet being so new we believed everything we read? Or maybe we trusted our friends a bit more than we should have for the latest in video game gossip. To be honest, I can’t remember where I got my sources, but I thought I would share with you some of the laughable moments in my secret unlocking adventures.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time is a game that I dedicated the vast majority of my secret unlocking attempts and began to become a bit more skeptical in believing the rumors. Everybody had this game, its popularity in its prime could be compared to that of Fortnite… if Fortnite was only available on the N64. So there’s no doubt that there would be many (non-existent) secrets to be revealed.

The Running Man – Oh boy that running man. Always beating you by just a single second. My mom and I spent hours, convinced that there had to be a way to beat him. Options ranged from warping, changing back to a child and wearing a mask, rolling/side/back-jumping, using/not using Epona, all the way down to using a Gameshark for levitating. We were desperate, but were never valiant in our efforts. However, there was a kid at school who always acted like he was the best, so my mom told me to go to school and ask him what time he got on the running man. When he told me I then replied “I beat you by 1-second” per my mom’s instructions. That ticked him off but was a great moment, haha!

The Running Man

Obtaining the Triforce – Just like The Running Man, I tried just about every possibility in the book. The rumor being that it was possible to obtain the triforce as an actual item (surely inspired by the triforce imprint in the inventory). A lot of methods included the gameshark, others included glitching into zones. But the one I remember the most was completing all 3 dungeons as Young Link without taking a single hit of damage and no resetting. Now, this is nothing special to many as no damage runs are a regular challenge for this game anymore. However, as a kid, where no damage runs weren’t widely practiced, this was a feat to be had. However, there was no triforce reward at the end of it all, leading me to shut off my N64 for a solid week in frustration.

Yoshis Story

For any Yoshi Story fans out there, I am sure you know where this one is headed. There is only one rumor worth mentioning, and that is the great Lavender Yoshi. Originally searching high and low and in every nook-and-cranny in the game, I found myself looking for online help. How would I unlock this wonder? There were rumors of collecting coins, getting high scores, etc. I started my journey, but this is one I never finished. As more I accomplished the requirements for each individual level, I became more and more doubtful. Some people still claim they unlocked it, but I have my sincere doubts.

Yoshis Story – N64

Honorable Mentions

  • Super Smash Bros – Playing as Master Hand
  • Pokemon Red/Blue – Mew
  • Mario Kart 64 – Thwomp as a Playable Character
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask – Deku Butler’s Son
  • Diddy Kong Racing – Unlock the Magic Carpet as a Vehicle
Diddy Kong Racing – N64

What urban legends did you guys believe? Any secrets you are still certain to be real and actively working on proving it’s existence? Let me know in the comments below!

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