Art of the Stream

Over the past few weeks I have realized just how important community and creativity is to me. Realizing this has caused me to feel more inspired than ever to create content for my community. This new blog, a highlight real on YouTube (something I had never created before) of my latest Twitch stream, new community challenges, etc.

Life feels so empty without art in it, being that it has been a big part of who I am for nearly all of it. From macaroni art as a toddler, to advanced art classes in jr high/high school, into graphic design & animation in college, to becoming a content creator today. Art is an expression of me, just like gaming is. Combining the two has been a blessing, and bringing a community in to enjoy it with me has been the cherry on top.

My PS4 skin design

As I scrubbed through last night’s stream, looking for great moments to place in the highlight real, I was giggling to myself. Playing a silly game from my childhood like Putt-Putt had so many fun and memorable moments that I got to share with you all. We all had a good laugh at my tangram failures and made silly comments we had about the adventures Putt-Putt was taking us on. But what made all of this just so great?

Stream Screenshot 7/15/2020

Like true friends, my community laughed alongside me, not at me. We even made new friends along the way. Together, we created something so magical… so special… we created art. Not the traditional art you see on a piece of paper. We created a piece of art that’s emotional. When you visit these streams, experience the culture we have built together, you are filled with the same type of light and inspiration that you get from looking at a well-crafted piece of physical art. This is my craft. This is our craft.

As a streamer, it is my responsibility to keep our creation safe. To keep it living, breathing and healthy. It is something I do with both joy and pride. Not many people get to create living art like this, and an even smaller percentage recognize what they have created. I am humbled daily by the kind words of my community, especially when they mention how our time together can turn a bad day around. It makes my heart flutter and is a constant reminder that what we have created is so important.

Community Love

The art of streaming is such a joy. I hope that each and everyone of you have found the same joy and inspiration as I have recently. And whether you are a streamer yourself, a member of mine/another’s community, may have interest in the streaming community, or even none of the above… you are deserving of finding this.

Play, Laugh and Love.

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