There really is nothing quite like eating a bowl of Rainier cherries dipped in sugar, a childhood favorite, as you reminisce with your buddies about the things you used to enjoy as a kid. Today was full of nostalgic goodies that I think many of you will remember too.

Upon waking up, I logged into Twitter to get my daily morning updates on my friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught an interesting hashtag that was trending; #myspace. My heart got excited, was Myspace finally back? Would I finally get to re-experience the joyful stress of choosing my Top 8? Get to show off my mostly forgotten HTML skills and surprise you all with some absolute bops when you visit my profile? Sadly no, the Myspace we love was not back, but it was the start of a nostalgia filled day.

After drowning my lack of Myspace sorrows in a playing of Gym Class Heroes song “New Friend Request” while drinking some White Peach Cranberry juice, I started to think about other things from my past. The first was a toy, a toy that I tried to replicate the noise it makes to no avail. This was none other than the Jibba Jabber. I looked it up on Youtube and found a commercial from the 90s for it, I was reminded just how horrifying those toys actually looked, but how funny they sounded when you shook them.


In the afternoon, I spent some time in my friend KFresh210‘s stream on Twitch (psst, check him out if you like happy friendly streamers). To my surprise, his chat started to bring up toys from the past as well! Many of which I had distinct memories of playing with as a kid myself.

Bop It (twist it, pull it) – the three commands any adult will remember. I remember trying to outsmart the game with my cousins by each of us being responsible for one of three commands. Were we coordinated? Absolutely not, and we would always drop it as nobody would hold it in a way that worked well for all three of us. In the end, Bop It did not take kindly to our attempts of outsmarting it. We were a bunch of doofs.

Skip It – The great ankle breaking game that had the catchy jingle of Whip It by Devo, but with “Skip It” lyrics instead. Regardless of how much pain it caused, it was a favorite of mine. I would run around the cul-de-sac with my Skip It all day long and battle my friends for the highest score. The little tracker in it really did bring out my competitiveness.

Skip It

POGS – The great garage playing game! My parents collected a lot of POGs back in the day. I remember them having ones from shows like 90210, Beavis and Butthead and some cartoons, among many psychedelic ones. I personally had a pink rubber slammer with feet on it that smelled like strawberries. I was never great at the game, but I will never forget the smell of that slammer.

Darts – I loved going to my uncles house and playing Darts. It will come to no surprise to anyone here that the wings on my darts were sparkly unicorns & rainbows. The tips of my darts were hot pink. One of these days I’ll get a dart board and play again, I really did love that game!

Brain Warp – This is one not many will remember, but certainly have not forgotten! This was a game that had 6 sides in a 3D shape. It had 6 colors, each numbered. The voice in the toy would tell you which color or number to turn to and you would have to be quick. I got this game on Christmas and played it all the time. I remember how excited I would get when I’d move onto a new level and beat my high score. I was dedicated and determined to be the best I could be at that game.

Brain Warp

Simon – Red. Yellow. Red. Green. Yellow. Yup, the great memorization game that barked orders and we obeyed to the best of our memories recollection. Or… maybe had a piece of paper next to us and wrote down “R Y R G Y” and so on to beat it. I would tell anyone if you don’t.

Tamagotchi– The little pocket pet that got banned in school because we wouldn’t pay attention in class as we were all busy picking up virtual poo. My first Tamagotchi was actually a GigaPet! It was a white egg with black pawprints that contained a puppy. Creative ole’ me named it the fabulously unique name of… Spot. Yup, I was a genius child folks. Spot was my pride and joy, and survived a trip… or two… through the washing machine. He was a real survivor. Until I forgot to feed him, he wasn’t much of a survivor then. Regardless, he was the start to many many more Tamagotchis in my collection, but none could ever replace the place in my heart for Spot.

GigaPet Puppy

There you have it folks, some fun things to look back on. I could go on and on about childhood memories, because trust me, I have millions of them. Now I wanna know about you! Did this bring up any toys you had forgotten about? What were some of your favorite toys as a kid? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia-Rama

  1. I’ve really loved reading a bit more of what shaped your (amazing sounding) childhood! For me alot of the games I love were technology based or based off of imagination. That being said the tamagatchi phase was one I really enjoyed.


    1. Thanks Classy! I definitely had a fun childhood that I will talk about more in future blog posts. Sounds like you had some really interesting games that you interacted with. Glad we both share the love for tamagatchi though hehe!


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