Achievement Unlocked: First Entry

First blog achievement hype!

As with any momentous occasion in a gamer’s life, we have unlocked an achievement! That achievement of course, is the creation of a sparkly new blog! So let me start by saying, welcome and thank you for checking out my little slice of internet paradise.

As a streamer on Twitch, I love to interact with with my community. Since I do voice only streams, there is a high curiosity of what my life looks like outside of my streams.

But Stephie, what will we actually find on your blog?

Great question! On my blog you will see a variety of things. Most inclusively: Gaming, IRL activities, my random thoughts and more! I am hoping that you will feel the same love and bubbly personality here that the Unicult (my wonderful Twitch viewers) have been able to experience every stream.

Speaking of personality, how do you stay so positive?

This is a question I get asked all the time! Over time I have come to find that it takes less effort to be kind and positive than it did to be angry or cynical. I know there are many out there who will disagree with that notion, but think of it this way. When we experience something negative, we tend to dwell on it for long periods of time. When we experience something positive, we get a boost of happiness and move forward onto the next thing. It distracts us from the negative.

Its a conscious balancing act, as nobody should be 100% one way or the other, however, I tend to shift my energy more into the positive, and deal with any sense of burn-out from having such high energy as it comes to pass. Not everything is always sunshine and rainbows, even in the land of us Unicorns. I had a downward spiral many years ago, and when I finally emerged from it, I dedicated my life to finding ways to bring joy to others. Becoming part of the streaming community has helped me deliver on that. I found my calling in life, so why wouldn’t I be happy about that?

You mentioned you’re a streamer, what/when do you stream?

Yes I am! I began my journey a bit over a year ago on Youtube Gaming, but shortly after made my permanent move to Twitch. The platform offers so much more for both me as a streamer, and you guys as members of my community!

In terms of what I stream, my regular stream schedule is as follows:

  • Friday – 8pm PST: Multiplayer Night (madlibs, club house games, kahoots, jackbox, etc)
  • Saturday – 9am PST: Minecraft Bedrock with viewers
  • Sunday – 9am PST: Super Mario Maker 2 viewer levels
  • M-TH – Random streams around 8pm PST upon availability. These are surprises or community chosen games!

Be sure to come follow me on Twitch and interact with us! From all of us on the Twitch side, thank you for checking us out & Welcome to the Unicult!

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