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From Breakout to Streamer, Baby!

My earliest childhood memory is laying on the dark red carpet at what I called my “Red Grandma’s house” playing Breakout on her Atari 2600. Who knew the brightly colored brick breaking game would kickstart my love of gaming for the rest of my life.

Playing video games is in my blood. Both of my parents were gamers, which often lead to late night battles via Super Mario Kart in which the loser had to go pick up either 7-11 slurpees or DQ blizzards. When my sister was born, I put an SNES controller in her hands as soon as I could. We were very competitive players to the point where our mom had banned Super Smash Bros in our household. To this day though, we love geeking out together on the latest in the video game industry.

Flash forward to today, I spread my love of gaming to the world as a Twitch Streamer! I have been blessed with an incredible community that we collectively decided to call “The Unicult.” We come together, in the love of games, spreading love, compassion and a lot of laughter.